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*guilt at not posting for awhile*

Not only have I been lazy, for three months no less, I have not much to call interesting to come from them. No, not really. And it seems that this journal hasn't done much for my old posting habits, alas. Oh well- I do feel better and less ashamed, but this journal seems strangely empty and lonely. Perhaps it's the layout, although I do have my doubts.

...well, not much to talk about that I can mention while under my friend's secrecy oath. Sorry.


I am in love with a video game.

I am being completely honest.

Well, not completely.

But I do adore it so.

With those unfamiliar with the lovely *cough*story in Katamari, it goes like this: The King of all Cosmos has had a little too much too drink. As he attempts to travel home, he manages to crash into every star in the sky, and the moon, before he passes out. He awakens, claiming he doesn't recall any of the past events, but anyway employs his tiny (2 cm.) son- The Prince of all Cosmos (the Prince)- to recreate every star. The Prince (you) is/are given this highly adhesive katamari (which happens to look a lot like bumble ball only a lot cooler). As you proceed through the stars, the katamari fluxuates in size. On every level, you start at a certain size and are assigned a size to which you are to reach in a certain time limit. To accomplish this goal, you must roll up everything possible on to your katamari- starting with things like thumbtacks, caramels, mahjong tiles; evolving to mice, teddy bears, watermelons, dogs, people; eventually ending with you rolling up giant squid, skyscrapers, superheroes- even ripping out rainbows and clouds from the sky (I heard that you can roll up things like gods, hopes, and dreams into your katamari, and although I want to be suspicuous, I wouldn't doubt it). I'm currently at the last level, where you are alloted 25 minutes to go from 1 meter to 300. The game, however, is pretty short if you're good- but I'm not great, so I have spent a considerable time on it. You only have about 10 starts total which you need to roll up, but you also have constellations with interestings goals- like rolling up as many swans possible for Cygnet, doubles for Gemini, and the biggest cow possible for Taurus.

Besides, it's a good stress reliever- destroying the world. :D


Have you seen the choices.


They are HORRIBLE.

I am sorry, but I am absoulutely unabashedly upset about the choices made for the Marauders and Tonks. From the available picture of the Pensieve scene, James looks dirty blonde. DIRTY BLONDE. ARGH. That's not the least I could complain about it, but still.

It could be the lighting, but I am... argh. ARGH.

Tonks isn't too bad in and of herself, but she does not look anything like I imagined her, so she's more of a Lupin case for me than anything. *shrugs* But I tend to rant in cases like this, so...


Have you ever heard of the Twilight/New Moon series by a lady named Stephanie Meyer? Frankly, they're quite popular in our group, and I was almost forced to read them. xD I bought Twilight recently, and it's admittedly very good, but I'm not obsessed.

Infact, a couple of my friends have something I've diagnosed as EOS- Edward Obsession Syndrome. (Edward's a character from the novel).

It's a vampire novel- there's not much more I can describe other than that.


Yes, I take a tap class. It is highly difficult, and I'm growing not to like it that much. I'm not good at all, and there's sisters in our class who've just taken a couple of lessons and learned it right on. I don't know if I'm spelling these right, but these are how they're pronounced- Irishes, Paradoodles, and our rehearsel number are giving me a lot of trouble. Ugh.

But on a bright side, I take it with a very good friend of mine and so we rant about it together, and there's a boy who looks EXACTLY like Jacob Black (from the previously mentioned Twilight) who takes a class around the same time we do (for Jazz/Hip-hop or something).


Yes, I'm back to drama rantage- but I sadly did not get a part. *shrugs*

But do you want to know what we're doing?

Really? Well, I'm telling you anyway.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Yep, honestly.

The new director is horrible though, really- not in the Mrs. Garbrick area, no- in the talent for the thing, really. He's horrible at organizing this. He just started rehearsels and he's expecting a finished and completely polished play by the end of April- our performance dates are then. He didn't do auditions until about two weeks ago. He also didn't announce the Craft Fair, which the income that will make we will be depending heavily on, until just the other day and it's schelduled near the end of March. He didn't really make educated casting choices. And he's always, always late.

All of this is ending up to make me really happy that I'm only going to be in crew, if anything.

But one of my friends is getting to do Sally for atleast one or two of the four performances, so that makes me happy. Another one of my friends is going to do Peppermint Patty for 3 or so of the performances as well, so that's excellent.

Well, that's my current life. Thanks for reading! xD *hugs everyone and bounds away*


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