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Isn't it amazing? I'm actually POSTING!! SUMMMMMMERRRR VACATION!!!!

Okay, sorry guys... haha, my new life is under the post. :D

No, not high school graduation. Middle school, which I find a bit ridiculous, but it's graduation nonetheless. I'm going to be in high school next year! Oh the wonders! I'm finding it somewhat difficult to wrap my mind around that. *dramatic sigh* The high school is enormous compared to the middle school. It's slightly frightening. And then they're doing construction! Which makes it even more confusing.

I'm going to be taking French as one of my specials. Bleh. I would've preferred German or Japanese, but French is beautiful anyways. I like Spanish too, but I just like the way French flows. I'm also taking Art 1, but my friend says that the teacher, to be blunt, pretty much sucks. Apparently she does the most boring assignments and grades on a personal level-- even sometimes changing a person's project if she doesn't like it! I ranted myself out about this to my friend so I shan't here.

Anyways, graduation was pretty decent. I dressed really weird. :D No dresses or skirts for me. Yay! I had this nifty black&white pinstripe vest with a black jacket, dark gray striped slacks, a rose necklace, red eye makeup, and so on. It was fun and there was glitter out of the corner of my eyes the whole time. My best friend Shriek was my 'fashion advisor'.

...I'm rambling! yay!


It's all about the music, guys. :|

I'm seriously obsessed with some new bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco. I can give you so many random facts on MCR, and some with FOB and p!@td as well. It's insane, but you have Shriek to thank.

The extent of our obsession: we had a birthday party for the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. srsly. With cupcakes and pizza and screaming and birthday songs and spazzing. And lots and lots of eyeliner. Ah, to live the complete life. I love making cupcakes.

Random? OH YES. We would've had one for Ray Toro, too, on this upcoming July 15th, but Shriek has an E7 camp (in honor of the seventh Harry Potter book? IT'S OVER?? OH NOES! D: soso sad. She'll be chillin' in a MANSION in PHILADELPHIA and going to RED-CARPET PREMIERS of the FIFTH MOVIE and writing stories and on! Oh the fun I shall be missing in Wisconsin!) and I'll be off in Wisconsin. We might have a belated party, but who knows?

...*pets new Fall Out Boy album* I'd rant incessantly about MCR, but I figure you do not need that.


I'm going to WISCONSIN! On July 15th! To who knows when! Surrounded by cheese! And cows!

My dad insists on the purchase of cheeseheads. My mom is fiercely attempting to deny him his request. I do not know who to side with.

Twelve hours on the road... in one day... *shudders*

....yes. That's all I have for today. There's much I could say, but little that would actually mean anything to everyone that could possibly be reading this.


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