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So, somehow a few weeks ago, I enticed my dad to take me to a Starbucks. And guess what? Today he did!

Coffee is not my forté.

Actually, black coffee isn't. Mocha, however, *is*. I just made the mistake of ordering an Orange Mocha. Because, seriously? Orange + Chocolate + Coffee = yum. Except, it kind of more like ≠. It had an awful before taste and was extremely bitter, and there was a taste in there that reminded me of some kind of awful cough medicine.


My dad ordered black coffee, and he offered to trade. I accepted, but the sad thing was I had to keep adding sugar, and eventually half&half.

I am also sadly not a tea person. At all.

I did manage to finish it, but my caffeine buzz is wearing off now. Alas. Again.

I did get a really nifty coffee cake out of the deal, though.

Next time? I'm trying out a mocha frappuchino.


P.S. I'm going to look into investing in a new layout. Poe is amazing, though.

(Ugh, yeah, I do know that Starbucks in an evil business that is someday going to rule the world with caffeine and overpriced pastries, but I couldn't resist.)

(Also, we went to Wegman's afterwards and there were BABY PINEAPPLES!!)


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Jul. 15th, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
Um. Milk? Soda? Juice? I don't know. :/ I would willingly drink certain types of coffee but my parents are like 'NOCAFFEINE!!!1' so I can't even drink that regularly. xD Pffft. I'd like to be a black hole. :| It'd be pretty nifteh.

Anyways, we don't have a Starbucks in our direct vicinity. We have a Burger King, though, which is much less spiffy than a Starbucks, but admittedly cheaper. That is so cool, though. We'd be thrown out for loitering.

I do like iced coffee, mocha, and frappuchinos, and all three altogether too. Or combos. They're pretty nifty. Like, at the Arts Festival we have here, Starbucks was giving out free little raspberry-mocha frappuchinos. mmmsogood.
( 2 dreams — life is but a dream )


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