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OMGEVERYONE. I AM SO SO LAME. I apologize profusely; I'm lame at this internet... journal keeping thing, absolutely horrible, but I loff you guys (actually, I think it's mostly Hannah that reads this, but you know, who cares, because Hannah is exceedingly amazing and such). Wisconsin will have to wait, but I must say Cheeseland was much fun, as well as HP7. What I have to say on THAT topic... well... aldfkstowislk!!!!!! *keyboardmash*

But I recently had a sleepover with my bestest friend Shriek, and Kakie and Nicole who are also awesome and fun. Many exciting things occured!! Alas, they await readage under the cut.


I guess I should go in chronological order? Yesh I shall. So pretty much, the sleepover was so we could watch My Chemical Romance live and essentially easier transport to the Grange Fair. Seriously, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE was playing LIVE on myspace, but the video DOESN'T WORK on the laptop (oh yeah. computer is busted. laptop ahoy!!) so OMGSHRIEKCANICOMEOVER??? If My Chemical Romance is playing live with easy access personally you just watch it. You just do. And we're all huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge MCR fans, so by the time I arrived at Shriek's house the concert had already started, so I... bowled over her dog during my attempt to run over to the computer.

But while watching it... IT FUCKING BLACKED OUT. There was much spasmaticness and screaming and hystericality. It came on for .2 seconds, blacked out again, and eventually came back on so we could watch Cancer. But we missed I'm Not Okay, which kinda made we want to cry.

Nobody who's reading this is an MCR fan so I'll just... stop talking now. In a nutshell, OMGMCR was LIVE on myspace, we watched, it blacked out, and came back after much pause. There was much suckage to go around.

Forward!! After that... nothing much interesting happened. There were some Sharpie tattoos, and we talked for awhile. It happened to be around midnight, and we decided to go on a walk to a Uni-Store or just where our feet happened to take us (Kakie wanted chocolate milk, and we all felt for a walk. It was lovely and chilly outside.). Well, they happened to take us on a back road somewhere where a cop happened to be... or pull up... and you can bet what happened from there.

I guess I should tell the entire story. My friends and I have the most awful luck with midnight walks that could ever be unlucky without actually getting raped or killed.

First time: random sleepover; no idea on curfew. Shriek and I with two other friends (Snowie and Xigbar). It's raining and cold and windy and DAMMIT WE'RE GOING ON A WALK. We take about a one hour one and go back, but decide that's not enough and go out again. This time, we walk to the car wash (Xigbar's father owns it), chill out, and just have an awesome time talking, freaking out about corn fields and signs and random sounds and cars, as well as shadowed cows stampeding around a field. It's truly frightening; trust me. So anyways, we're walking back, and this COP PULLS UP. We're essentially hyperventilating on the spot because HOLY SHIT WHY IS THERE A POLICEMAN BESIDES US?? This was made even more terrifying by the fact that quite recently before the incident, we were talking about all the freaky people that pretend to be cops to do stuff like kidnap and rape and kill people. The guy's really nice though, explains the curfew and probably realized that we're almost petrified with fear. He acts really casual, which we were hugely thankful for afterwards. It wasn't entirely bad, just a curfew break, and we honestly had no idea about the curfew. So we all squish in the backseat (literally... squish. None of us were exactly... "skinny", pfft.). We're completely silent and he's making some attempts at conversation, but we're still so nervous... because we had no idea what he was going to do. Xigbar and I keep looking at each-other (we were crammed next to one another), remembering the previous conversation. The guy only asked us our age, and then starts asking about where we were all at. It's mentioned that we were all sleeping over at Shriek's, and she's talking about and at one point brings up that her dad was a cop, so he honestly should've informed her of a curfew. Suddenly, the cop's all HAYYYY I know your dad!! :D and we're all '...!!' and he just drives us over to Shriek's house, lets us go, no questions asked.

The second time a walk of this nature occured was at Kakie's residence. Kakie is kinda famous for her bloody make-ups (her deviantART is memorexicbink.deviantart.com, but most of the bloody stuff is nearer to the end. The make-up she did for Shriek and I is also posted... but don't look at my face! It's a really bad shot. D:), so Shriek and I were really excited about it and wanted her to do some to us. Kakie was all 'cool, yay! :D' so she does. Shriek is kinda infamous for her vampire fangs, so she wore those and got Kakie to drip some blood down her mouth with fleshy chunks, and have some bite marks on her neck. I got my eye gouged out (there's a whole story made up behind it that I don't feel like explaining... but it involves boyfriends and guitars and voo-doo dolls) with a bloody bandage over it and blood dripping down my face. Kakie gave herself a simple head wound, and Shriek and I stole some of Kakie's clothes and proceeded to go outside to buy some junk food. Kenji had no bloody wound and was just insane. Understand us, I'm not sure Kakie's area possesses a curfew because everyone seemed cool with us walking downtown in the middle of the night. Whenever a car passed, we'd stop and stare. It was awesome. We just talked a lot and proceeded a Uni-Store that was waaaaaaaaaay far away and everyone purchased their fatty, high-calorific goodness (Cool Ranch Doritos and Mountain Dew for moi!). The clerk didn't speak English and said something to me about my eye in a language I could never hope to understand, but I'm really curious to what we said. Afterwards, we kinda chilled out at the square for awhile... taking a rest and drinking from the water fountain and everything. As we're walking back, this guy is walking up the street. We kinda point him out to each-other, but no other comments about him are made. After crossing a couple streets and turns, he's still behind us. At this point, we're pretty nervous. One more turn, and he's still there (the conversation following this notification was 'oh hey, check to make sure if that guy is behind us?' 'nah, we're too far ahead' '...' 'OH MY GOD THERE HE IS!!'), so understandably we're pretty freaked out. One more turn, he's there, and I actually state 'okay, one more turn and then we can freak out'. I assumed it was coincidence and he wouldn't be there... but he was!! So, again, nervously I state 'seriously guys, one more turn, then we can really freak out', but we were all spazzing anyway, walking really quickly, and talking about dying in front of a church. And the final moment... one more turn, and there he is. True to my word, everyone flips, and Kakie, Kenji, and Shriek start RUNNING. I'm like 'omg guys stop running! you're being stupid!' because chances are, if you run, they're gonna chase. And anyways, I had to catch up because I had no idea where we were going so I had to run too which SUCKED. Do you know how hard it is to run on a cracked and dented and otherwise beaten sidewalk in dressy shoes that are giving you blisters and without function of one eye? It SUCKS. So eventually we don't see him anymore, but we're on our toes, making half-jokes about him or a cronie jumping out of an alley. However, we make it back to Kakie's save and sound and pumped on adrenaline and manage to enjoy our junk.

Third time, last night... or two nights ago, if you want to be technical. Yeah, we were being stupid in deciding to take a walk, but we were feeling shut in and we were literally like, craving a walk, and damn, Kakie wanted her chocolate milk. So we're walking and walking and eventually on a giant hill that seems to be perpetually sloping upwards, when suddenly this CAR pulls up. There was a brief moment of OMGRANDOMCARPULLINGOVER panic before I noticed the FLASHING LIGHTS. Dammit, the cop returns. It wasn't the same cop, though. Yeah, feel free to remind us how stupid we were, but we're teenagers. And at least we aren't getting pregnant or losing our virginity or out smoking cigarettes or otherwise and getting drunk, really. Breaking curfew for chocolate milk seems kinda REALLY REALLY MILD in comparison(seriously, curfews are some of the stupidest things ever created). So this cop is gets out of the car and is all 'Evening, ladies' cop-formality shit. So he's asking our age and we just don't lie because we're not THAT stupid, so he talks to us for awhile about curfew and everything, and lecturing us about our clothes (we were decked out in dark hoodies, but atleast mine had shiny silver semi-reflecting stuff!) and Shriek and I are just giving each-other these 'ohshit' looks. He tells us to get into the car, and all of us are just SO NERVOUS and SO SCARED but we regain central movement anyhow. Also, the car ride was also not nearly so squished because Nicole is basically made of nothing, so nobody had to sit sideways!! To try to calm our nerves, we start talking and being generally stupid to take our minds off our current predicament. Some of the stuff we were saying was OMGSTEROTYPICALGIRL with Nicole denying her tinyness and the rest of us being OMGSHUTUP, to as far as TALKING ABOUT LOCKING NICOLE IN THE TRUNK AND HER SUFFOCATING AND THUS HAVING A CORPSE IN THE TRUNK OF THE COP CAR.

Yeah, stupid.

Shriek brings up her dad again, and the cop is all 'yeah I know him' so we're there, and he has us all go out and then he starts asking us these QUESTIONS, like our full name and age and birthday and address and PHONE NUMBER! We have no home line at the moment, so I tried to give him my dad's cell, but my mind just BLANKED so I was all 'um...'. I hope I didn't mess up or have him think I was lying. I was really worried about all the information so I'm like 'uh... sorry if this is an awkward question or something, but is this just for records or is this going down on our permanent stuff?' (I'm amazed I could utter that whole sentence). Apparently he's just supposed to take note of any contact of this sort he has with people, but the other guy did nothing like that. And it made me really scared. I don't think he's going to call parental folks though. Also, he went IN the house and made us wake up Shriek's mom and tell her the whole story. Her mom comes down and talks to us about how just not to do it again, make sure you're in curfew, tell them when we want a walk, but we were just generally not in trouble. Her dad talked to us the next day too, but he was really cool with it because he didn't know there was a curfew and talked about generally the same stuff. We made lots of jokes referring to the cop after that, but it was a really scary experience at the time.

Anyway, after that we just kinda talked and went to shleep. Nothing really notable happened before we went to Grange Fair either, other than talking about the AMAZING MAD SKILL of Kakie and her Sharpie tattoos. I have two right now; one I got before the walk which still remains unfinished... it's a really adorable moon with a star in the space the crescent shape leaves. The other one is also on my upper arm, this one on my right. The skin is kind of peeling back, although it's not bloody, revealing patches stitched together instead of muscle or something with another STAR stitched in the middle! :D I loff stars... ...Ooo, there was also some INTENSE rounds of Catchphrase!!

So... Grange Fair? We have an Arts Festival here which is very formal with lots of talented artists, but Grange is kind of a poor man's version... TONS of food stands, lotsa rides, and a couple of artists. It's loads of fun when you hang out with your friends but I doubt one would want to do it by themself. So we spend awhile before the Fair looking kind of creepy with dark eyemakeup and Sharpie tattoos and almost-not-there ones as well. Yeah, I had overdone eyemakeup with stars on my cheek, red shirt with 'i didn't do it' in swirly black font with velvety black pantttts, a button that says 'I'm mean because you're stupid' which portains to the general student body at our school, a huge black foofball that I tied around my neck, my newsies hat, AND... my straightedge fingerless gloves!! I love those things, especially that they look so cool and mean something so cool as well. Shriek had also recently died her hair, so she had black bangs and the rest of her hair was SUPPOSED to be purple, but it was reddish-pinkish instead. It still looked great. She got a lot of stares, in the 'wow look her hair' kind of way; once the guy was so obvious in his staring she just outright said 'if you're going to stare, at least don't be so obvious about it'. It was awesome.

We just generally hung out there, this being my first time althogh it's a tradition in our area. After walking around and joint-sharing a bucket of fries, we decide to go on the rides. The first was that thing where you're being pressed on so much you can be upside down and flailed around in the middle of the wall and NOT FALL, those things, as well as a thing that was a rollercoaster but not, but awesome nonetheless, and those spinny things, one which was shaped like a STRAWBERRY. I got motion sickness, though, so we hung out around when my stomach took care of itself. In the meantime, I bought a Mountain Dew and finally some deep-fried Oreos, which i have been curious about for ages. They're pretty good! I couldn't eat them all though, with how slowly I had to eat. We had lots of fun conversation at that point tho! :D

So then we get up and wander around again, when suddenly Shriek and Nicole see this guy they kinda know and decide to stalk them (we were talking about possibly following people at one of our table conversations while I was waiting to be unsick), while Kakie and I are kinda 'ugh...' and trail behind and pretend we're not involved. They eventually gave up. Shriek also one an MCR poster at one of those trail-side game stands (had to throw darts at posters). It was amusing. Soon afterwards, we just wander (oh, and previously, we encountered a really creepy perverted guy who ran one of those booths that sold things like light-up binkies... he was talking about sticking them in your mouth and getting some exercise by sucking on it!!) and wait to get picked up. Eventually Shriek's mom arrives, and we all pile in and await the return of Shriek's sister. After awhile, she doesn't arrive, so we're just all 'wtf?' and it turns out she is incredibly lost. There are many phone calls made trying to detail where to go and what to do, but after about an hour of this she is just so incredibly lost and at one of the other exits we just decide to go pick her up. While we get there, Shriek's mom almost KILLS US! because she almost drove off a WALL before everyone shouted at her to stop. She argued that she would've stopped anyhow, but if was fun arguing to her about it regardless. So Shriek's sister is then picked up without any needless deaths, although the whole situation could've been prevented if sister person listened in the first place. While we're driving back we notice that the wall we would've dropped off is pretty frickin' high up, and after landing we would've been ON THE ROAD and thus most likely HIT BY A CAR. Sooooo dead. So yeah... after that we're just driven home.

Please excuse the deliriousness... It's 1:27 and I'm not usually up this late, but I was so pumped up on hyperness when I wrote this. I've been feeling kinda nauseous since the rides but I'm better now. Sorry for detailing so much as well, but that's how I do these things. And yes, I rushed the end because I am now suddenly tired and wish to retire to my own bed. Farewell my friends and I'll... chat with you later!!

(P.S. I'm getting a whole new wardrobe before school starts... also getting my ears pierced and most likely doing some sort of makeup thing. I'm also most likely getting Kakie to dye my hair, which will be sooo awesome since she knows what she's doing. I'm thinking about doing it black with bright blue tips. I'm really exicted; I don't want to be that quiet, shy, tempermental girl that everyone picks on until she flips, and which point they just laugh at her. I'm going to fight back against this stupid ignorant prejudiced society that calls itself our school district in AMERICAAAA, and I'm going to be so happy about it every step of the way.

P.P.S. Ugh... have to finish summer project about the American Revolution... I'd rather not do this subject because I'd honestly rather us 'Americans' weren't such omgbritainsuckslet'shaveawar!! And now, everyone is trying to imitate England anyway)


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Oct. 13th, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
It is a bit weird, considering I live in one of the most undangerous places on the face of the earth. >____>

Fingerless gloves are... gloves without the fingertips. xD They're kind of unuseful for keeping your hands actually warm, but they're too warm to wear when it's hot, either. Alas. I guess it's just a 'fashion thing', but they're amazing so I love them anyway.

Ooo... red tips for ginger hair?? That sounds quite interesting! :D It must've looked great. However, Kakie was suddenly busy before school started so she couldn't do it, and we've never gotten around to rescheduling a dyeing...


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